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Tools & workshops

Are you looking for tools and/or workshops regarding diversity and inclusivity matters? If so, this is the page for you!

Below you can find a variety of tools and workshops, from various platforms, which guide and enable you to become a better ally.

Do you have any additional resources that provide tools or organise workshops? Then please share those with us via email.

YUFE Online trainingen over diversiteit & inclusiviteit

All UM staff and students have the opportunity to take a free online course created by Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE).

The course delves into critical topics such as harassment, bullying, and microaggressions, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to address these issues head-on. Going a step further, the course aims to empower you to be an "upstander," someone who actively stands against discrimination, and to tackle unconscious biases. 

To access the course, please follow these instructions:
 Register with 'Open Essex’: https://open.essex.ac.uk , the online platform this course is hosted on. Select ‘Create new account’ at the bottom of the page.
 Confirm your account by clicking the link in the email. If you run into issues, please email: tel@essex.ac.uk.
 Log into Open Essex
 Search for a course titled "YUFE Equity, diversity, and inclusivity (ED&I) and press ‘Enrol now’.

*The course takes approximately two hours to complete."

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NL/EN Bron Onderwerp Medium Tags

International Campaign Stand Up Against Street Harassment
By L’Oréal; Fairspace; iHollaback

Multilingual Training Tool on Street Harassment from Bystander & Victim perspective

EN: Stand Up - Against street harassment
NL: Stand Up - Tegen straatintimidatie

Website Educatief trainingsinstrument; Straatintimidatie

Bystander Guide & Free Bystander Intervention Trainings
By iHollaback, 2005

Learn how to intervene when you see harassment. Distract, Delegate, Document and Direct (5D method). 

  1. Guide to Bystander Intervention
  2. Bystander Intervention Training

Separate and free online trainings provided for each theme.

Hand-leiding Educatieve training; Intimidatie; Racisme; Conflict; Covid-19; Ableisme; Discriminatie

Project Implicit
By Harvard University

Self testing tool on implicit bias regarding
(A) Social Attitudes
(B) Health topics (exercise, anxiety, alcohol, eating, etc.)

  1. Helps recognise unconscious bias at individual level and how this can drive/distort day to day decision making for people from all backgrounds in their treatment and assumptions towards others.
  2. May open room for behavioural growth and conversations tackling established bias.
Tool Educatieve zelftest; Onbewuste/impliciete vooringenomenheid; Zelfevaluatie/reflectie

The Fieldwork Initiative

Background article: Sexual harassment is common in scientific fieldwork

  1. FISST Training (USA, flexible training fees): aims to step in and break apart the black box of discrimination and sexually charged research experiences; shedding light on violence in the field in a preventative approach. The initiative not only seeks to educate, but to go beyond just theory and intervene to help victims through direct action. Training outline can be found here!
  2. Handbooks & Reading Lists | The Fieldwork Initiative
Tool Educatief trainingsinstrument; Veiligheid van veldonderzoek;

Can You Fix It?
By Sense; Rutgers; SOAIDS Nederland

Training videos with built in intervention modes that adapt the narrative & perspective.

Video Interventie Trainingsinstrument; Leerzaam; Zelfreflecterend

Toolkit "Ben je OK?"
By Rutgers

Toolkit tegen ongewenst seksueel gedrag bij studentenverenigingen:

  1. Een checklist voor het bestuur & de commissies
  2. Een video over het voorkomen en omgaan met ongewenst seksueel gedrag voor het bestuur & de commissies
  3. Een instructiekaart voor achter de bar op de vereniging
Tool Educatieve zelfevaluatie/reflectie; Sexuele intimidatie

NWO richtlijnen voor Inclusief Beoordelen
Inclusief beoordelen | NWO

Tips voor inclusieve beoordelingscriteria en –methoden i.r.t.

  1. Schriftelijke beoordeling
  2. Interactie en groepsdynamiek beoordelingscommissies
Tool Inclusieve beoordelingsmethoden



NL/EN Bron Onderwerp Medium Tags

In person or online workshops/trainings to build free and fair public spaces.
By Fairspace

Focuses on three areas: Education, Co-creation and Policy advice.

  1. What we do - Fairspace
    Bystander intervention training; workplace harassment training; training of trainers; co-creating solutions; local and national policy advice; rapid incident response.
  2. Bystander intervention training
    Focused on: Street Harassment; Unconscious bias; Bystander intervention; 4D methodology.

Interventie van omstanders; Onderwijs; Co-creatie; Beleidsadvies; Straatintimidatie; Onbewust vooroordeel


Workshops for male participants

  1. Real Consent
  2. Bringing in the Bystander
  3. Combination of Bystander Intervention and Social Norms workshop

Toestemming; Man-gericht;  Interventie van omstanders


Project #DatMeenJeNiet
By Movisie; Diversity Media; Hogeschool Inholland

Van Bystander naar Upstander


  1. Gericht op Jongeren (16-27 jaar)
  2. Tegengaan van discriminatie op sociale media
Workshop Educatieve opleiding; Sociale media; Online discriminatie/pesten

Online Training: Weet jij hoe het écht gaat met je leerlingen?
By Movisie; COC Nederland; 113 Zelfmoordpreventie

Beoogde resultaten:

  1. Signaleren suïcidale gevoelend en depressiviteit
  2. Basiskennis over de thematiek
  3. Tips en tricks om LHBTQ-inclusieve omgeving te creëren
  4. Reflectie op eigen kennis en bewustzijn
  5. Casuïstiek gebaseerd op interviews met docenten en leerlingen
  6. Informatie over instanties die hulp bieden.
Training Educatief trainingsinstrument voor professioneel onderwijzend personeel; Erkenning; Mentale gezondheid; Zelfmoordpreventie; Depressie; LBGTQ+; Zelfreflectie/beoordeling