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Video: Joan Muysken Lecture by Bill Mitchell

The Eurozone: Groupthink and Denial on a Grand Scale (06-03-2017)

Bill Mitchell, Professor of Economics at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and a notable proponent of Modern Monetary Theory, presented the 2017 Joan Muysken Lecture on 6 March. This lecture, organised in cooperation with the School of Business and Economics, is based on Mitchell’s book of the same name, which argues that the political class in Europe is trapped in a destructive groupthink which prevents it from seeing their own policy failures.

Joan Muysken Lecture: “The Eurozone, Groupthink and denial on a grand scale”

Interview with Philipp Ther

Before his Studium Generale lecture, Prof. Philipp Ther (Professor of Central European History) was interviewd by Ferenc Laczó (Assistant Professor in History).

Ther works at the University of Vienna and is author of Europe since 1989: The New Order on the Old Continent.  Read more...


Interview with Phillipp Ther by Ferenc Laczó for Studium Generale Maastricht

Tanslezing door Jo Marchant

Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body (01-11-16)
Have you ever felt a surge of adrenaline after narrowly avoiding an accident?  Felt turned on just from hearing your partner’s voice? If so, then you’ve experienced how dramatically the workings of your mind can affect your body. Jo Marchant is a science journalist and author based in London. In this years Tanslecture she discussed the potential – and limits – of the mind to heal, and asked how we might harness these principles in medical care. Meer info