• ton

    Ton Geurts treedt toe tot BISCI


    Ton Geurts voormalig CPO van Bekaert, DSM en AkzoNobel zal op 1 oktober in dienst treden als Director Business Development bij BISCI, het nieuwe instituut dat vanuit de Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo logistiek en supply chain management in de regio Limburg zal ondersteunen door middel van slimme en duurzame innovaties.

  • Dear Peter Møllgaard

    Dean Peter Møllgaard on the value of university rankings


    Each year, various publications such as the Financial Times and Times Higher Education release university rankings, rating schools on various criteria to indicate which programmes offer the best educational investment. Although there are differing views on what these ratings actually reveal, Peter Møllgaard, SBE’s Dean for the last year, believes they are quite valuable.  

  • Melanie Feeney

    Meet Melanie Feeney: an advocate of interdisciplinary research


    Originally from Australia, Melanie Feeney's career path includes the completion of a master's degree in sustainability in Sydney, research on sustainable business in remote and rural Australia and Southeast Asia as well as a role as Education Development Officer at UM. Building on her extensive experience, Feeney has decided to now focus her research on how organisations transition towards sustainability, under the umbrella of the SBE research theme Sustainable Development.

  • Philip Schacht

    The Maastricht Debate 2019: a student's opinion


    The Maastricht debate, a political debate between the “Spitzenkandidaten” of the leading European parties took place last Monday, 29 April at the theatre at the Vrijthof. Simultaneously, the debate was live broadcast on the Vrijthof square for all interested spectators who did not get the chance to join the debate inside the theatre. A unique aspect of this debate was that it targeted in particular young voters.

  • Silver medal at the World Championships of Econometrics


    The Econometric Game is a yearly event in Amsterdam, often dubbed as the World Championships of Econometrics, and took place this year from April 10th to April 12th. Maastricht University has been a consistent participant in the game for the last ten years, battling it out with the likes of Harvard University, Universidad Carlos III, and the University of Monash for eternal glory.
    We are proud to announce that team SBE came in 2nd place during this final case, and therefore also placed 2nd of all 30 teams!

  • SBE Zalando

    SBE-studenten doen marktonderzoek voor Zalando


    In 28 March 2019, Maastricht University had the pleasure of welcoming Christian Klein, Operations Manager Process Management and Daniel Rausch, Business Developer from Zalando as jury members for determining the best marketing research project (MRP) as part of the Marketing & Supply Chain Management course.

  • Presentatie Neimed tijdens eerste Euregio Summer School


    Van 10 t/m 15 september 2018 werd voor het eerst de grensoverschrijdende en multidisciplinaire Euregio Summer School in de Euregio Maas-Rijn georganiseerd. 45 studenten van universiteiten en hogescholen en vertegenwoordigers van alle kennisinstituten uit de euregio kwamen bijeen met één doel: het ontwikkelen van toekomstvisies over het thema ‘Improving inclusive Mobility in the Digital Age’ in de Euregio Maas-Rijn.

  • Lisa & Alex Brüggen
  • summer_school_flyer_for_recruiting_maastrichtu_online_deadline_7jun_verkleind.png

    Studenten werken samen ter bevordering van inclusieve mobiliteit in de Euregio Maas-Rijn


    Tijdens de tweede week van september 2018 wordt de eerste Euregio Summer School gehouden. De week staat in het teken van de grensoverschrijdende mobiliteit in het digitale tijdperk en vindt plaats op verschillende locaties in de Euregio Maas-Rijn.

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