• 30 jan 12:30
    - 13:30
    Uitgelicht, staff training

    EDLunch: What might ChatGPT mean for UM education?

    What might ChatGPT mean for PBL education at Maastricht University? Join our EDLunch for an informal discussion on 30 January, 12:30-13:30!

  • 30 jan 16:00

    On-site Promotie Sophie Gysan

    "Strategy Implementation and Decision Making in the Broader MNC Network

  •   3116 jan jun 09:00
    - 17:00

    LACS oproep voor abstracts

    Op 15 en 16 juni 2023 vindt in Maastricht (NL) de LACS-conferentie over “Law, Change, and Time in the Age of Cognitive Sciences” plaats met een keynote van dr. Mitch Travis (Leeds).
    We nodigen geïnteresseerde jonge en gevestigde wetenschappers en onderzoekers met expertise in recht, filosofie, cognitiewetenschap of een combinatie hiervan uit om vóór 31 januari 2023 een kort abstract (300-500 woorden) in te dienen via e-mail. 

    Voor meer informatie, klik op EN rechts bovenaan deze pagina.

  • 31 jan 10:00

    On-site Promotie Nando Strik

    "Knowledge withholding- The development of a framework of antecedents from a relational perspective"

  • 31 jan 13:00

    On-site Promotie Mayra Murkens

    "Unequal paths to the grave? Time lags and inequalities in the Dutch health transition, the case of Maastricht, 1864-1955

  • 1 feb 13:00

    On-site Promotie Jana-Charlotte Elisabeth Hegenbarth

    "The transcriptomics of the ever-changing Heart: From Development to Senescence"

  • 1 feb 19:00
    - 20:00

    Online Q&A | Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

    Do you have questions about the Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience and its specialisations? Ask them in this online Q&A session and receive answers from our student ambassadors. Feel free to ask all your questions related to programme content; what is it like to study in Maastricht, and general application procedure.

  • 2 feb 10:00

    On-site Promotie Inez Trouwborst

    "Distinct metabolic phenotypes towards cardiometabolic diseases: implications for precision nutrition strategies

  • 2 feb 13:00

    On-site Promotie Denise Françoise Antoinette de Bont

    "Unraveling the puzzle of islet delivery devices – from start to patient opinion

  • 2 feb 16:00

    On-site Promotie Alexander van der Wiel

    "Overcoming tumor hypoxia: factors influencing the efficacy of the hypoxia-activated prodrug CP-506

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