06 nov
20:00 - 22:00
A lecture by international speaker Nora Wilhelm

Strategies of Change - new pathways from knowing to doing

Samen kunnen we een duurzame en rechtvaardige toekomst creëren. Hiervoor hebben we nieuwe vormen van samenwerking en een holistische manier van denken nodig. Kom naar deze lezing met internationale spreker Nora Wilhelm waar we samen nieuwe strategieën zullen verkennen om de tegenwoordige complexe uitdagingen, op het gebied van milieu en maatschappij, aan te pakken. Nora zal inzoomen op de zogenaamde 'ontwikkelde' landen van Europa en vraagtekens zetten bij de dominante lineaire manier van aanpak en het oplossen van complexe problemen.

--dit event is in het Engels--

By applying a systemic lens, Nora Wilhelm suggests that to meet the challenges of our time, we need new forms of cooperation and a holistic way of thinking. We need to move away from fighting symptoms and chasing after technical solutions, and turn towards questioning our personal attitudes and assumptions, and our ability to work together to create a more sustainable and equitable future. She will share cutting-edge theory, practice and personal experience.

Following her lecture, she will be joined by UM researchers in a discussion with her and the audience, led by Teun Dekker, professor of liberal arts and sciences education at University College Maastricht.

The lecture is held on Monday, 6th of November, and will start at 20:00 hours until 22:00 hours.

Workshop at The InnBetween

Nora Wilhelm is also a guest at The InnBetween on Tuesday 7 November, talking about Ecosystem Leadership. Places are limited for this meeting, so don’t forget to register.

Building on the guest lecture on 6 November, in this program hosted at InnBetween in their Widening Horizons Series, Nora Wilhelm will dive deeper in the more personal level of systems change work. What does it mean to be a systems change, or ecosystem, leader? What does it entail? What are the challenges of this path, and what are its treasures? In addition to exploring these themes, we will cover models and practices relevant to all types of change work, and some that pertain simply to the reality of being human in these times. We are inviting to an evening of deeper reflection and connection, and hope that we leave the space with new perspectives, and perhaps even a rekindled spark of hope.

Take a look on the website of www.innbetween.nl.

Sign up here for the workshop on 7th of November! Limited places!

About the speaker

Nora Wilhelm speaking

Nora Wilhelm is a Social Innovator and Systems Entrepreneur. She is specialised in social innovation, cross-sector collaboration, ecosystem leadership and systems change. From 2014-2016 she presided the European Youth Parliament in Switzerland. She is the co-founder of Collaboratio Helvetica, an initiative that catalyses systematic change towards 2030 in Switzerland. She is honoured by institutions such as Forbes, UNEP, UNESCO and the Dalai Lama Fellowship.  

Recently, Studio Europa conducted an interview with Nora. Click here to read the interview in which she explains why our current democratic system is insufficiently able to respond to the complex challenges we face.

Joint Event

This event is initiated by The InnBetween in Maastricht and is powered by  Sustainable UM 2030, Studium Generale and Studio Europa.

event Nora Wilhelm

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