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The SportNL DNA database (SDD-NL) is an initiative of Dutch top sport and part of the Center for DNA and Sport (CDAS). CDAS recognizes the reality that not every athlete is born with the same genetic predisposition and seeks to create the “evidence base” for this. Evidence-based knowledge about the relationship between specific sports characteristics and genetic predisposition provides new data to make better informed choices in selection, nutrition, training, injury treatment, recovery and competition strategy. By collecting and linking DNA data and sports phenotypes, a large-scale database is available on which scientific research can be conducted into the relationship between DNA and Sports. Currently, SDD-NL has evidence-based polygenenic risk scores available to provide information about the genetic susceptibility of 36 sports phenotypes. Thanks to SDD-NL, even more relationships between DNA and Sport will be discovered that may have a direct application to individual athletes, teams, coaches and national associations involved in SDD-NL.

Luc Steins

Data set

The SportNL DNA database (SDD-NL) is stored anonymously and securely at Sport Data Valley. The dataset contains whole genome DNA SNP data (1 million genetic markers) for each top athlete that are anonymously linked to many different sports characteristics consisting of biological parameters, wearable data, psychological parameters and competition results.

SDD-NL is freely accessible to participating athletes, clubs and associations who have contributed to the construction of the dataset. Scientific researchers can also access the database to discover new DNA sports characteristics based on WGA association research or Mendelian randomization. Mendelian randomization is based on the idea that traits and environmental factors are equally distributed among carriers and non-carriers of different genetic variants. Athletes and associations who are not yet involved in SDD-NL can use version 4.6 of the Genetic Sport Calculator (SDD-NL_GSC_4.6) for their own use.