At the Maastricht Young Academy, we wish to engage in dialogue with our community at multiple levels. We are closest with other junior academics, but also communicate with the staff and students at Maastricht University, with other academics in the Netherlands and abroad, and with members of the public living in our region.

Our outreach and social media team aims to maintain our website, Twitter, UMployee (intranet), and other channels. We are always happy to hear from you, so please reach out!



Past events

Bake Your Research

In May 2021, the Maastricht Young Academy ran a 'Bake Your Research' competition on Twitter. For a bit of pandemic era connection, the idea was for the participants to get creative and make an edible version of their research. Some of the competition entries included neuron cookies, microscopic slide biscuits, and a panna cotta brain. Although there were many yummy-looking entries, the overall winner of the competition was PhD candidate Mareike Smolka with her buddha-head-shaped cookies decorated with brain scans – representative of her ethnographic research into the effects of meditation on the brain.