Intake procedures

If you have applied for a language course requiring an intake, or if you need advice on the course level or type, you can use the following intake options for the different languages and courses we offer. We advise you to do an intake well before the start of the course. This will make it more likely a spot is available in the relevant module.

All intakes are free of charge and actual meetings take place at the Language Centre. Your teacher will inform you by mail about the location and time.

French, German and Spanish Courses

Please do the online test to determine which module is most suitable for you. After completing the test you can register for the module that the test outcome advises.

English Courses

You need to take an online test before the intake interview. Please send an email to ask for an online test token. languages-intake-ENG

Dutch Courses

You can send an email with the request for an intake appointment. Please already propose in your email a date and time that you will be available for an intake meeting. languages-intake-NL

Italian Courses

Please send an email with your language level question to Laura Capitani and she will get in touch to advise the correct course. If needed an intake meeting will be scheduled. Laura Capitani

Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish Courses

No intake needed. Just register for the beginner’s course if you have no knowledge of the language yet or would like to start from the beginning.  You can register for a second course if you have prior knowledge and believe the higher level better suits your need. During the first lesson the teacher reserves the right to advise a lower or higher level if better suited given your current knowledge level.