Gill ten Hoor (G.A.)

Dr. Gill ten Hoor (G.A.)

Gill ten Hoor is currently assistant professor (full time) at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN), Maastricht University, and adjunct instructor at the University of Texas at Houston, Health Science Center. He has an MSc in biology (Sports and Physical Activity Interventions), an MSc in Psychology, (Health & Social Psychology, and a PhD in Behavioral science.

In his training and research, Gill has actively sought to combine biological and psychological insights, especially developing interdisciplinary approaches to the prevention of obesity in youth. Within this research line, there is a specific focus on physical activity, sedentary behavior, and body composition.

Next to this, Gill is certified Intervention Mapping trainer and contributes to planned behavior change in various topics, e.g. waste separation and Chlamydia testing, as well as behavior change methods, e.g. threatening messages and implementation intentions. One landmark publication is the introduction of “Implementation Mapping”, a protocol for applying Intervention Mapping (using insights from Implementation Science) to develop implementation strategies (Fernandez, ten Hoor, et al., 2019).

In his entire career, Gill strives for openness and transparency in science: his publications, including his entire PhD dissertation, are open-access, and all data, syntax, and output are available to guarantee scientific integrity.


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