Rogier Veltrop

Rogier Veltrop is a cardiovascular researcher who conducts his research at Maastricht University, department of Biochemistry, with a simultaneous affiliation at the university hospital in Aachen. His current focus is on induced stem cells, which Rogier will use to unravel molecular mechanisms in cardiac diseases.

Rogier was awarded an HS-BAFTA award in 2019 and recently a SWOL grant for his research where he made beating heart cells from a tube of blood, and will use this method to elucidate pathways and make patient specific therapies.

Previously, he was a researcher at Drexel University in Philadelphia where he worked with Coronavirus. His main research was focused on how coronavirus enters the cell to create an infection. Subsequently, he worked in the Molecular Virology lab at Utrecht University, to aid in coronavirus vaccine strategies.