9 feb 2023
UM Green Office & Sustainable UM 2030 present:

SDG Seminar Series: Global Citizenship Education

Are you interested in approaching sustainability issues (social, political, environmental, ...) in a holistic and global manner? Do you want to learn more about how education has an important role to face these issues?

Nowadays, we face many challenges (environmental, social, economic, ...) that are no longer local, but global.  Developing a Global Citizenship identity and creating a sense of belonging to a broader human community may help people face these challenges . Global Citizenship emphasizes "political, economic, social and cultural interdependence and interconnectedness between the local, the national, regional and the global, and implies a common global responsibility to build a more just, equal, sustainable and peaceful world” (UNESCO, 2022). 

During this SDG Seminar, Herco Fonteijn will provide information on what GCEd is, and why and how it can be useful for many different fields. At UM, GCEd initiatives aim to stimulate contextually appropriate teaching and learning innovations in pedagogical partnership with students and external stakeholders within and across disciplines, within and outside curricula. By giving an insight into his own work, we will trace the progress of attempts to make sense of GCEd within UM, mainstream GCEd across faculties, discuss challenges, and explore how teachers and students can contribute to GCEd. Click here, to read more about GCEd at UM.

Drs. Herco Fonteijn is an associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, working in the Department of Work and Social Psychology (UM). He is active in the areas of work & organisational psychology and working with global citizenship education, he is currently in charge of a Comenius Leadership project devoted to GCEd.

SDG Seminar Series


The SDG seminars are intended to approach sustainability issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. In these SDG seminar series professionals in sustainability speak about the challenges and chances they face in practice. This is your chance to learn from their experience and to ask your questions! This seminar is related to SDG 4: Quality Education.

More information & ideas

We are open to any ideas that you may have for the SDG seminars! These seminars will take place on a regular basis, so if you have any ideas or interesting projects that we can talk about, please let us know.

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