ing Bernd Kapeller, MSc (B.A.)

Uitgebreid profiel is alleen beschikbaar in Engels.

Bernd is technical project manager within the Digital Innovation department. He works on projects for Marketing and Communications where he initiates, planes and roles out digital solutions for Maastricht University. 

As a graduate of Multimedia Technologies and Art studies he earned his Dipl. Ing. in Salzburg, Austria where he studied software development, audiovisual production and design techniques. During his work as producer for the European Journalism Centre was valued for his pragmatic and solution oriented approach. He has a deep technical skills and is distinguished by his open, enthusiastic and creative attitude.  

The fusion of technical know-how and people skills makes Bernd able to translate vague ideas into concrete deliverables and emphatic guidance for IT specialists.

"It is the business of the future to be dangerous." -- unknown