28 nov
20:00 - 22:00
Studium Generale | Joan Muysken Lecture

Green Capitalism and its Discontents

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has accelerated green capitalism, a growing public-private partnership in pursuit of market-driven decarbonisation. Bidenomics in the US or the European Green Deal insist that we do not need radical institutional and political change to manage the climate crisis, but rather targeted state intervention to mobilise green investments.

Is this green promise credible, effective and distributionally just, or do we need a Big Green State that directly organises the low-carbon transition? 

Daniela Gabor has published on central banking in crisis, on money, development and decarbonisation from a critical macrofinance perspective.

This lecture is organised by the School of Business and Economics (SBE) and Studium Generale. The Joan Muysken Lecture has been named after Joan Muysken, SBE’s first professor of macroeconomics (1984-2014), who was the founding father of the department of economics at SBE.