06 feb
Studium Generale | Film & Talk

Breaking social

Work hard and pay your taxes—it’s the duty of every law-abiding citizen. But this social contract is crumbling away, and now those who earn money with the least effort are also contributing the least to society. Instead, they funnel their capital into tax havens, empty oilfields at bargain prices, and wield their political power to earn yet more money.

Breaking Social takes stock of a decaying system to show that while corruption and social inequality are growing problems worldwide, there are still plenty of people who want to reverse this trend. There are scenes of activists in multiple countries living their everyday lives, who talk about what made them decide to resist and the opposition that they face.

This film will be introduced by Sebastian Reyes Molina, PhD, who works as an assistant professor at Philosophy of Law at UM. He previously worked as a lawyer in Chili. In his introduction he will talk about the philosophical foundations of the debate on the social contract and its implications to our day-to-day lives.

In cooperation with Lumière Cinema.

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