17 apr
15:00 - 16:30

Teach-Meet: Teaching and Mentoring: similarities and differences

Do you teach, and are you also a mentor? What do these roles mean to you? Is mentoring entirely different from what you do as a tutor or a course coordinator, or does it appeal to you as a form of teaching? 

In this edition of EDLAB’s Teach-Meet we will explore the similarities and differences between these two crucial roles for teaching staff at UM.

Programmes and faculties have various ways of involving teaching staff in mentoring (or coaching, academic advising), and it is exactly that kind of diversity that will be the focus of this session, inspiring the audience and offering food for thought as they consider their own view on the similarities and differences between mentoring and teaching.

Wilfred van Dellen (FSE/UCM), Eliza de Sousa Fernandez Perna (FPN), Levin Stein (FASoS), Nynke van den Akker (FHML), Therese Grohnert (SBE) and Elles Ramakers (LAW) will share and compare their perspectives and experiences as mentors (or academic advisors) and teachers.


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