20 nov
20:00 - 22:00
Studium Generale | Talkshow

LET’S TALK about Cultural Appropriation

Here in Maastricht we celebrate Carnival with a lot of passion. But nowadays it seems that less and less is being tolerated as an appropriate costume. Costumes of a Native American or a Chinese person are definitely out of the question now. And also as an international student, is it okay to participate in such a typical Maastricht tradition? These examples raise the question where the line is between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. A question also raised in fashion nowadays.

Distinguished experts and activists with experience and knowledge in this field will comprise the panel, offering valuable insights and perspectives. However, the primary focus of this gathering is on you, the audience. We earnestly seek to both inform and hear your thoughts and opinions on various aspects of cultural appropriation.


Branco Popovic, Fashionclash
, multidisciplinary entrepreneur active in fields of fashion and performing arts, such as creative direction, project development, curation and coaching. Fashionclash organises a yearly clash in Maastricht. The 15th edition takes place on 17, 18 and 19 November.

Yên-Nhi Lê and Tessa Yen, multidisciplinary storytellers who uses documentary and art as a medium to tell stories and perspectives that haven't been heard, but are important to be shared. Inclusion and diversity are two leading values in their work.

Janice Deul, creative director Fashion for Good, journalist, fashion activist and fashion-writer who advocates more diversity in fashion, (lifestyle)media and the creative sector.

This event is organised by the FHML Honours students.

This programme is part of the Wellbeing Week, a week full of activities promoting the physical and mental health at Maastricht University from 17 to 22 November organised by the Wellbeing Movement. Follow this link for the complete programme (published midway October).

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