UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity

The UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity aims to stimulate discussion within UM on research ethics and integrity, foster exchange of best practices between faculties, and organize events on relevant topics. The Platform is distinct from the faculty ethics review committees – which review and approve research projects – and the committee on scientific integrity – which deals with specific complaints filed regarding scientific integrity. The Platform meets at least twice per year. 

UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity members


To get in the touch with the Platform, please send an email to Maria Vivas Romero via platformrei[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl

On 15 October, the National Survey on Research integrity will be launched during an interactive webinar about research integrity.

This survey is created by the Dutch research community to gather information on research norms, practices and behaviours. All UM researchers will receive this survey via e-mail. We would truly appreciate your recommendations about how we can improve ways of doing research while benefitting society as a whole.

  ​​​Read here more about the symposium and how you can join.


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