UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity

At UM we promote and uphold the highest standards of research integrity and ethics, fostering a culture of trust and excellence in all research activities.

Our vision is to be a global leader in research integrity, recognized for our unwavering commitment to cultivating a research environment that is characterized by the values of integrity, transparency, accountability, and education. We aspire to ensure that UM remains at the forefront of ethical research practices, driving innovation and contributing to the betterment of society.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity: We are dedicated to the uncompromising pursuit of truth and ethical conduct in all research endeavors, leading by example and setting the highest ethical standards. (more info)
  2. Transparency: We value openness in research processes, from data collection to dissemination, and commit to making research findings accessible and understandable to all stakeholders. (more info)
  3. Accountability: We hold all members of our university community accountable for their actions and research conduct, promoting responsible research practices. (more info)
  4. Education: We are committed to educating our university community about research integrity, providing resources, training, and guidance to ensure that all members have the knowledge and skills to conduct research ethically.

By adhering to these values and pursuing our mission and vision, our Research Integrity Office will play a pivotal role in ensuring that UM is a beacon of ethical research, contributing to the betterment of society through rigorous, transparent, and responsible research practices.

UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity members

Upcoming opportunity: 
REI PhD Programme on Open Science

We offer a 4-year executive PhD program in Open Science. This new PhD opportunity is for a self-funded or scholarship-based program with distance-learning. PhD candidates will be supervised by a team of research integrity researchers and UM REI staff on selected topics relevant for Research Ethics and Integrity.
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Lex Bouter Awards

The platform has awarded the following proposals

  • Demarcating research integrity, research ethics and research quality: Mapping the routes to good science. The project was submitted by Dr David Shaw (Assoc. Prof, CAPHRI Quality Officer, Deputy Chair of FHML REC) and Dr Bart Penders (Assoc. Prof, Member CAPHRI Quality Assurance Committee).
  • The second project was submitted by Bart Penders at FHML, Health, Ethics & Society and Anke Oenema from the Department/faculty/unit: FHML, Health Promotion. This project provides insight in the content of the REI hidden curriculum and its impact on students perception of importance and intention for implementation of the REI principles.

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We hope to follow along with the participants and see how their results engage at the UM and at the platform level. Do you have any questions for our participants, don’t hesitate to message us at

New Call (Closed)

The initiative is currently undergoing an internal review assessment and until then the platform is pausing its activities

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