UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity

The UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity aims to stimulate discussion within UM on research ethics and integrity, foster exchange of best practices between faculties, and organize events on relevant topics. The Platform is distinct from the faculty ethics review committees – which review and approve research projects – and the committee on scientific integrity – which deals with specific complaints filed regarding scientific integrity. The Platform meets at least twice per year.

UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity members


To get in the touch with the Platform, please send an email to Natasja Reslow via platformrei[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl


  • Gut thoughts and feelings

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019

    Can she explain the second brain to children? For her discovery of the involvement of the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) in colorectal cancer, Veerle Melotte has been nominated for the Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs. That might give her the chance to share her research – and possibly get a foot in the door of children’s entertainment.

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  • Gijs van Dijck

    Analysing the wide world of law with algorithms

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019

    The pilot project Web of Laws is working to develop tools that quickly filter the relevant rulings for lawyers—with FAIR data use and open science as important anchors.

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  • mollgaard

    From Viking to dean

    Thursday, October 17, 2019

    A conversation with the Dane Peter Møllgaard, professor Industrial Organisation and dean of the Maastricht School of Business and Economics (SBE), on role models, family, sustainable energy and the best risotto. On Friday 1 November he will deliver his inaugural lecture.

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