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#MeTooAcademia: The Learning Curve - theatre play

The UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity alongside its partners MCEPR and FEM are inviting you to the theatre play “#Metoo in Academia: The Learning Curve”, on 12 December at 19:00.

Harassment in academia is of all times, but it has been made urgent by the #MeToo and Time’sUp movement. Many of us think academia will provide a safe, sensible and intellectual environment in which harassment is absent, but we have learned this is not always the case.

Through their play, Het Acteursgenootschap seeks to create awareness of harassment in academia. The Learning Curve is a 40-minute play about (sexual) intimidation and abuse of power in a university context. It’s both humorous and bleak, and is written to be followed by a discussion. With the audience, we discuss what you can do if you find yourself, your colleagues or members of your team in such situations. The play is performed in English.

  If you’re interested in a ticket please send us an e-mail. The Theatre tickets are available for free on a first-come-first-serve basis. At the time of this writing there are still 50 tickets available.

 Location: Theater aan het Vrijthof

REI PhD Programme on Open Science

We offer a 4-year executive PhD program in Open Science. This new PhD opportunity is for a self-funded or scholarship-based program with distance-learning. PhD candidates will be supervised by a team of research integrity researchers and UM REI staff on selected topics relevant for Research Ethics and Integrity

Successful students will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 10k euro for the 4 years for travel (annual stays at Maastricht University), course and conference participation and consumables. Students will also have free access to selected courses. There will be no University tuition fee.

We aim to enroll one candidate each year. We will be open for applications again from 1st September 2022.

Applicants should select one of the topics below, but we are also open to other good ideas:

  1. Meta-research
  2. Open data
  3. Open access
  4. Peer review
  5. Ethics and integrity

Successful candidates are expected to be highly motivated and hold a master’s degree in a relevant discipline. They will be asked to provide relevant documentation to show they:

  • are fluent in English (IELTS>6.5 or equivalent);
  • have the necessary time and funding available to do the research (e.g., recommendation letter from current employer); and
  • have proven scientific writing ability (e.g., at least one coauthored journal article).

If you are interested in one of the current PhD opportunities above, please indicate which project and send your CV and letter of motivation to Prof. dr. Maurice Zeegers, chair of the Platform. Following this you could be asked to write the research proposal, which could lead to an interview. Successful candidates will be selected based on academic potential to reach the highest standards of scientific research.