REI Grant Awards 2021-2022

The first winning project is entitled Demarcating research integrity, research ethics and research quality: Mapping the routes to good science. The project was submitted by Dr David Shaw (Assoc. Prof, CAPHRI Quality Officer, Deputy Chair of FHML REC) and Dr Bart Penders (Assoc. Prof, Member CAPHRI Quality Assurance Committee). The projects aims to establish how researchers in different disciplines perceive the distinction and/or tensions between research integrity, research quality, and research ethics and thereby help establish whether research quality guidance and structures should also include integrity guidance, or whether any other conceptual reorganisation might be beneficial. The results will also lead to policy recommendations, which will help to further improve the research quality, research ethics, and research integrity environment at UM. By tackling the important issue of the lack of delineation between integrity and quality, and to a lesser extent between integrity and ethics, this project has the potential to improve ethics, integrity and quality systems and policies at UM, making it easier for researchers (whether students or staff) to navigate the sometimes murky waters of ethics, integrity and quality requirements. In addition, the results will provide the basis for a theoretical examination of the issue of delineating integrity, ethics and quality in research.

The second project was submitted by Bart Penders at FHML, Health, Ethics & Society and Anke Oenema From the Department/faculty/unit: FHML, Health Promotion. This project provides insight in the content of the REI hidden curriculum and its impact on students perception of importance and intention for implementation of the REI principles. These findings can be used for improvement in the REI curriculum in health sciences. The findings are also relevant for other programmes. The mixed methods approach and provides a structure for research that can be replicated in other programmes. The project contributes to several aims of the REI platform, including increasing awareness of REI and REI relevant teaching activities, insight in best practices and contributes to improvement of REI in the health sciences and other education programmes.