Elena Ambrosino (E.)

Uitgebreid profiel is alleen beschikbaar in Engels.

My current and past work in education involves:

- Team leader, development and redesign of courses for BSc or MSc students in Medicine, Global Health, Biomedical Sciences and Public Health;

- Coordinator of courses, BSc in Public Health and Biomedical Sciences and MSc in Medicine and Global Health;

- Member of the Educational Program Committee for Biomedical Sciences;

- Member of the Portfolio Assessment Committee for Biomedical Sciences;

- Member of the faculty-wide Taskforce on Students’ Employability;

- Education coordinator for Institute for Public Health Genomics;

- Biomedical Sciences programme representative within the faculty committee for the implementation of governmental policy changes in higher education;

- Lecturer and tutor for BSc and MSc students in Medicine, Global Health, Health Sciences, European Public Health and Biomedical Sciences;

- Supervisor MSc/BSc Theses in Global Health, Public Health, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences (>50 completed);

- Supervisor of scientific research internships for Medical students;

- Scientific writing, cultural diversity and clinical communication trainer;

- Mentor for Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Global Studies and Public Health (BSc and MSc) students (~50 students/year).