08 jul

On-Site Inauguratie Prof. Dr. K. J. Jonas

benoemd tot hoogleraar Toegepaste Sociale Psychologie in de Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

Titel van de rede: "The psychology of medical innovations"

Medical innovations, for example a novel medicine or procedure, do not automatically translate themselves into adaptation and use despite their objective potential. Dr. Kai J. Jonas explains – using the context of biomedical hiv prevention and therapy – how psychological determinants and their interactions with geographic and societal boundary conditions influence adaptation and use of medical innovations. PrEP, as a novel biomedical form of hiv prevention, a true game changer – and albeit being introduced almost ten years ago – has not yet reached its full potential. Also, biomedical research is working hard to provide an hiv cure. For the first time, people living with hiv and other relevant stakeholders are getting involved early to determine the best terminology and communication strategy. To reach this aim, understanding the underlying psychological processes, such as individual autonomy, social norms and discrimination, and group processes, is necessary. Better knowledge of such processes can contribute to more efficient, comprehensive and sustainable adaptation and use.

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