• Anka Smeenk

    Feeling 'different'


    With the project 'About not being an Einstein', made possible by a grant from the Diversity & Inclusivity Office, Anke Smeenk wants to ensure that being gifted is more widely recognised at Maastricht University.

  • Simon Cornelissen going the extra mile

    Medical student is 'flying high' at the Defensity College


    Simon Cornelissen isn't only attending the master's programme in Medicine. In addition to his busy curriculum, he is also an ensign with the Dutch Ministry of Defence and a working student at the Defensity College. Watch the video.


  • Urban Hotspotter

    On the move with the Urban Hotspotter measurement bike


    You may have seen him passing by on the Groene Loper 9a greenway in Maastricht)—researcher Bram Oosterbroek on his Urban Hotspotter measurement bike. It is certainly eye-catching, with measuring instruments on the back and a laptop in a basket on the handlebar. 'I study the health effects of spatial planning', he says. He is happy to explain more. 

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