Research departments

  • Founded in 1992, DKE undertakes research to advance the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, computer science, applied mathematics and robotics. The department provides education through one bachelor’s programme and two master’s programmes.
  • Department of Molecular Genetics
    The ultimate goal of the Department of Molecular Genetics is to dissect the regulatory mechanisms involved in genetic and acquired forms of heart failure and transform this information to devise the next generation of therapies for heart disease in humans
  • FHML Department of Epidemiology Maastricht University
  • Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Physics
    GWFP researchers study the internal workings of the universe on both, particle level (as a part of CERN LHCb experiment) and on the astronomical scale via gravitational wave research and precision interferometry.
  • FHML department of Health Promotion
  • FHML Department Health Services Research
  • FHML Department of Health, Ethics and Society
  • FHML Department of Human Biology Maastricht University
  • FHML department of International Health
  • Maastricht Science Programme
    Maastricht Science Programme is a bachelor’s programme with a dedicated academic staff. Staff research is incorporated into our project period, providing our students with an opportunity to gain essential research skills.