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Professor Hilde Verbeek shares her opinion on healty ageing

coop food

From ice cream to stew, why our eating habits change in autumn.

portret marlies bongers

In honour of the presentation of the VNVA Els Borst Prize for her oeuvre, Prof Marlies Bongers is organising the symposium "menstruation


An organ that disappears almost completely after puberty, but in rare cases can regrow in size and even harbor a tumor: the thymus, also

vrouw met armen om buik

In women trying to conceive, 1-3% experience repeated miscarriages.

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The European Commission has awarded €23 million to set up a new platform for drug repurposing: the use of existing drugs in diseases othe


Our liver is a special organ: if you cut away part of it, in most cases a new piece of liver will grow back.


An unhealthy lifestyle can have disastrous consequences for the liver.