• The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was officially signed on 10 December 1948. This declaration was adopted to protect the fundamental rights of people around the world. To commemorate this, we celebrate Human Rights Day every year on 10 December.

  • Computer Vision News discussed ICT4Life - life improvement for the elderly - with the Affective & Visual Computing Lab crew.  

  • Out of many applications sent in by students from all over in the Netherlands, Patricia Ogger (and five others) were nominated for the award, also known as ‘The Darwin’.

  • Martijn Arts, PhD candidate at the department of General Surgery and the M4I division of Imaging Mass Spectrometry, was awarded the second prize for his talk at the 13th International Medical Postgraduate Conference - IMPC 2016 - .

  • On Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 December, Universiteit van Nederland will broadcast a lecture by UM professor Marko Jelicic and assistant professor Ewout Meijer.

  • On Thursday 8 December, the European Commission together with University College Maastricht (UCM) is organizing the Citizens’ Dialogue with Frans Timmermans. You are cordially invited to attend the gathering.

  • Last Wednesday Health Sciences student Nousjka Vranken won an audience award for the presentation she gave about her bachelor's research during the Student Research Conference in Nijmegen.

  • Star lectures

    UM Star Lectures 2017

    On 2 February 2017 the third edition of the UM Star Lectures takes place. A number of leading UM professors share topical scientific insights with our alumni. FASoS staff members Sophie Vanhoonacker, Valentina Mazzuccato and Kiran Patel will each give a lecture in respectively The Hague, Berlin and...

  • Walking, strolling and standing more during the day is better for sugar regulation in diabetics than an hour of high-intensity exercise. 

  • Migratierecht en -beleid gaan veelal uit van een eenheid: verblijf en ‘bezigheid’ — werk, studie/stage, onderzoek, et cetera — in één land. Maar diezelfde eenheid levert problemen op in de grensstreken. Niet zozeer voor EU-burgers, die het ‘recht op vrij verkeer’ hebben, maar wel voor zogenoemde...