Floris Hendriks (F.K.)

Floris Hendriks studied medicine at Maastricht University and graduated in 2017. During the last year of my Masters, my self-designed PhD-project was selected for the NUTRIM NWO Graduate Programme 2017. This allowed me to start as a PhD-candidate at the department of Human Biology and the department of Internal Medicine, division of Nephrology of the Maastricht University Medical Centre+. Throughout my PhD-project, I focused on nutritional and physical activity interventions to support muscle maintenance in patients with end-stage renal disease who undergo chronic hemodialysis treatment. My research has a strong translational focus and can be applied to improve clinical care.


In November 2021, Floris Hendriks was awarded with a Kootstra Talent Fellowship grant that will allow me to assess the impact of a lifestyle intervention on the muscle anabolic response in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease.