TRISIM participates in multidisciplinary projects regarding training, research and innovation in simulation education. We also organize a webinar series in which network members present their research or new innovations in the domain of simulation. And TRISIM organizes a yearly conference about training, research, and innovation in simulation in healthcare.


SimNEXT Lifelong learning for simulation professionals

The Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare and the Maastricht UMC+ Simulation Center collaborate with three other simulation education providers in the Netherlands in the development of a continuous development program for simulation professionals in healthcare. The program offers a collection of modules that allows teachers, instructors, facilitators and other simulation professionals to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are needed for high-quality simulation education, now and in the future.

Check out the SimNEXT website.

A research agenda State of the art in simulation education

A team of TRISIM researchers is working on a top-down literature review and a bottom-up interview series to generate a state of the art of research that is conducted in the domain of simulation-based education in healthcare. These activities result in a state-of-the-art in this domain, and will inform the TRISIM research agenda.

More activities Will folow soon