Research institutes and themes

  • Center for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN) kickoff
  • EPP thumbnail image
    Experimental research in psychopathology, especially Clinical psychology; behaviour medicine, food & addiction disorders; forensic psychology.
  • M-BIC thumbnail image
    Facilitates research about human perception & cognition, in combination with the development of advanced methods in neuroscience by offering a high 3 Tesla & ultra-high 7 & 9.4 Tesla magnetic fields MR scanners.
  • M4I institute
    A state-of-the art molecular imaging institute that brings together a powerful palette of high-end, innovative imaging technologies.
  • MaCSBio thumbnail image
    Launched in 2015, the Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology (MaCSBio) aims to develop a set of computational and mathematical models, applicable in science and clinic, that will advance our understanding of biological systems, and predict progression and
  • Maastricht Science in Court
  • neuroeconomics
    The Maastricht University CEnter for Neuroeconomics (MU-CEN) brings together researchers from economics, finance, marketing, neuroscience, and psychology.  The centerpiece of our teaching is our two-year Research Master in Neuroeconomics.
  • NP&PP thumbnail image
    Two research lines, Neuropsychology & Psychopharmacology. Investigations into the influence of a variety of factors on healthy development, aging, & congenital & acquired brain damage & also on the neurochemical basis of various behavioural functions.
  • TMFI thumbnail image
    Combines capabilities in conducting technical forensic examinations of material evidence (physical, chemical, biological or digital), with psychology of law & behavioural sciences experts.
  • Master Work & Organisational Psychology
    Research with a focus on the application of psychological theory about behaviour an behaviour change in promoting health, safety & sustainable environment & a study about how sustainable employment can be implemented in organisations.