ICGI Education

Through our scholarship, research, and teaching, the Institute for Corporate Law, Governance and Innovation Policies seeks to offer the highest standard of professional legal education. We aim to be distinctive in our commitment to both legal research and the importance of teaching by providing our students with academic, extracurricular, and other resources that will permit them to attain the highest possible level of achievement in legal education and prepare them for positions of leadership and service across many areas of legal practice, business, government, and community work.


Postgraduate Education & Internships

Associate's programme

ICGI has partnered with the faculty of law to provide training and development for (corporate) lawyers. The associate programme is designed to offer companies improved services to their clients while enhancing their professional reputation. For an annual fee ICGI associates gain:

  •     research assistance
  •     proactive exposure to the ICGI network (e.g. other academic institutes, alumni and students)
  •     in-house lectures on current issues in the field of corporate law twice every year
  •     additional in-house courses, presentations or lectures are given for a reduced rate
  •     a 30% discount on all post graduate courses at the faculty of law.

For a better idea of ICGI's partners, visit the websites of these ICGI associates:

Thuis & Partners

Associate programme internship

ICGI Associates is looking for driven, motivated students with outstanding academic credentials. ICGI works intensively with law offices on both research and education, and offers the opportunity to work in one of these offices on a tailored internships for you.


ICGI Student Fellowship

The ICGI Student Fellowship offers motivated students work experience at the highest level within the context of their corporate law studies, furthering their organizational, research, and analytical skills required for a comprehensive approach towards law and legal enigmas.

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Postgraduate courses

PAO-courses are for university graduates and others working at graduate level and provide graduates with opportunities to keep abreast of developments in science and technology, in order to ensure that they will be able to deliver the best possible professional performance.

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Master's education

In a rapidly globalising world, companies come into contact with international law on a daily basis. As a result, the body of international laws that govern commercial activities is steadily growing. In this specialisation, you will study corporate and commercial law from a comparative perspective. You will learn how companies can cross borders and you’ll be familiarised with different ways in which legal systems across the world approach businesses and trade activities.

ICGI initiated and developed the specialisation Corporate and Commercial Law in the master programme Globalisation and Law. This specialization is based on and continuously in line with our research programme and is an internationally-oriented track taught entirely in English. You’ll be able to follow courses on topics such as corporative company law, European competition and international trade. Theory will be combined with work on both fictional and true-life legal cases. After you’ve graduated, you will have all the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be a successful legal professional in this highly challenging field.