Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, blogsā€”the world of social media is growing steadily and is more seriously used as a communication tool for reaching a wide audience, even when it comes to academics. Often, social media can also act as a trigger for the press and public to read longer articles. A brief, tantalising tweet with a link to a press release or web interview can work very well. A tip: do not say anything on social media that you would not say out loud in a crowded lift.

A blog

UM offers employees the opportunity to blog via the UM website. Request a blog account to become UM blogger! The Faculty of Law also has its own blog for employees

A blog is a message in the form of written text, a photo or video, which is characterised by a personal touch of added value by its specialist character. A blog is not too long and is worth the effort to read or watch. A blog will also appear with a certain regularity, ranging from daily to every two weeks (but not less). When it comes to blogging, look before you leap. It takes some effort to regularly produce something, especially if you fail to get reactions; self-discipline is a virtue that comes in handy when blogging. Tips for bloggers.   

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More information for staff on the use of social media can be found here. The university press officers and the supporting Marketing & Communications department have experience with and expertise in this, so please do not hesitate to contact us.