Lucia Arroyo Carriedo, MA European Studies: Global Policy and Governance Challenges

My name is LucĂ­a Arroyo Carriedo, I am studying the MA European Studies: Global Policy and Governance Challenges and I am from Madrid. Before coming to FASoS I studied the Bachelor in International Relations with History at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I chose this master's degree because the PBL system is similar to the teaching method I was used to in Manchester. I believe that the combination of theory and practice makes learning much more effective and prepares me better for the working environment by having academic discussions in a multicultural environment. My favourite course is 'Europe and the Global South: Migration, development and beyond', it is giving me a very deep insight into one of the most pressing topics of migration today by studying interdisciplinary materials such as economic reports.

Regarding my student life, I have been able to meet very interesting people in my Master's with whom I go for coffee or beer after class, depending on the day. I enjoy the plans at Peters like the quiz on Mondays or the karaoke on Fridays. Also, as it is a small city we all live nearby and we can organise study days on our own or in the university libraries. When the weather is nice I like to go for a walk in the parks or visit one of the nearby cities like Aachen.

 What I like most about FASoS are Bandito and its location. Bandito is an oasis where you can relax before, between and after classes; the food and coffee are very good and affordable. The location of the school is perfect because it is right in the centre and you have everything you need within a short walking distance. It also has many spaces like the red sofas where you can both study and relax or the study room which has a microwave so you can take your food with you and heat it which is very nice. In short, FASoS is more than just a place to go for classes.

Lucia Arroyo Carriedo
February 2022