Teams Phone System

Since September 2020, MS Teams UM has been widely available to enable collaboration and communication in a hybrid work situation. Besides digital meetings, MS Teams offers many more functionalities such as file collaboration, chatting and calling. The current UM fixed telephony environment (Mitel) has been written off and needs to be replaced. UM opted for Teams Phone System telephony, a modern and flexible telephony to replace the Mitel telephony environment.

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What is going to change?

Your UM landline phone number (8xxxx) will be migrated from Mitel to Teams Phone system in the coming period. After the migration, you will no longer use your Mitel desk phone, but Teams to make and receive calls. You will be able to call people both inside and outside UM using MS Teams.

For whom will this change?

All permanent employees (HR category A) receive Teams Phone system based on a fixed UM phone number (8xxxx). Once your number is transferred to Teams telephony, you can no longer use the Mitel desk phone. Line management decides on allocation of Teams telephony for employees in the other categories. 

When will this change take place?

This change will take place in phases by unit in 2022 and Q1 and Q2 of 2023. The project group will coordinate the required phone numbers, equipment and exact configuration with the contact person of each service centre or faculty. Employees switching to Teams telephony will receive a timely message from ICTS Servicedesk with additional information. 

Calling with Microsoft Teams

  • Extended functionalities: Teams telephony offers familiar telephony functionalities and more. Call not only your UM colleagues, but also your external contacts with Teams.
  • User-friendly: Teams telephony is easy to use. Adjust various settings as you wish.
  • Flexible: Teams telephony can be used on laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet and via 
  • Availability: You can easily set your own reachability in Teams.
  • Mobility: You are no longer tied to a UM location and Mitel device for telephone access via your fixed UM number (8xxxx) no longer tied to a UM location and Mitel device.

More info on using MS Teams

Watch here the 'get started and discover more' with the short Microsoft Teams video trainingen.