• Headlines about the rising numbers of international students, a proposed law to better manage that influx, presented by a minister whose cabinet has been ousted ... What does all this mean? What will happen next—and when?

  • SBE alumnus Riccardo Notarangelo works as a Project Researcher at the University of Vaasa in Finland. In this article, he shares how his studies and experience at SBE and his love for rugby contributed to him going to where he went and ending up where he is.

  • A better understanding of taste and mouthfeel

  • Aardbeving Marokko

    Earthquake Morocco

    As a UM community, we are deeply saddened by the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco. We sympathise with everyone affected in any way by this disaster.

  • Do you teach at UM? Do you know that making educational videos can actually be a more fun, less frustrating and less time-consuming experience? In this article, Stefan Maubach explains how he makes videos and tells you what works for him. Perhaps his tips will also help you create your own videos!

  • Much to his surprise, Stefan Maubach, a math teacher at the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences, discovered that making educational videos enabled him to turn education theories from abstract concepts into practical tools.

  • After roaming the world, Alice Pan moved to Maastricht in 2020 for the master’s in International Business. She is now a coordinator at EDLAB - the Maastricht University Centre for Teaching & Learning. She previously worked as a tutor in the International Business bachelor programme, an English...

  • This spring saw the publication of the ambition document 2023 – 2027 regarding the collaboration between Maastricht University and Radboud University. That document describes the focal points for the coming years. Meanwhile, projects in the workplace are becoming increasingly more concrete, and some...

  • “Today, I’m inviting you to be human. Share your stories, listen to each other, and think about what you can contribute to a resilient and compassionate Maastricht University.” With those words, entrepreneur Yama Saraj began his keynote speech at the opening of the 2023/24 academic year. This year’s...