• Inflammations under control, but still abdominal pain


    Many people with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases experience persistent abdominal pain.  Dr. Zlatan Mujagic will conduct research to better understand it. 

  • "Het mes kan van tafel"


    Having an impact in people's lives and on society as a whole. Being able to make a real difference. That is what Prof Klara Mosterd wants to achieve with her research into skin cancer and the clinical treatment of patients. On 17 March 2023, she will deliver her inaugural address titled ever so intriguingly: “Het mes kan van tafel”.

  • Gera Nagelhout

    “People just want to be treated like people”


    Gera Nagelhout is, in many respects, not a typical professor. She was the first in her family to attend university, and at the age of 34 was appointed endowed professor of Health and Wellbeing of People with a Lower Socioeconomic Position.

  • Judith

    Top athlete #2: swimmer Judith Houtvast


    In our series on students who are top sport athletes, Judith Houtvast is next to speak. Judith (19) already swam several National Championships and is also studying in the second year of the bachelor's programme in Biomedical Sciences. Also? How does she do it and where does she put her priorities?

  • Taking microscopy to the next level in Maastricht


    Taking microscopy to the next level in Maastricht thanks to national grant

  • Babs Kerkhoffs

    Top sport alongside study


    They study at UM, do their utmost to get their degree, but also have another big ambition: they want to reach the top in their sport. Young people who set everything aside to train hard alongside their studies and participate in high-level competitions. Real go-getters, in other words. What does it mean to play top-level sport alongside your university education? We ask some top UM athletes in this series of stories. International showjumper Babs Kerkhoffs is the first.

  • dem

    Large scale collaboration to improve diagnosis of dementia


    A large-scale research consortium for Timely, Accurate and Personalized diagnosis of dementia (TAP-dementia) launches today. Researchers throughout the Netherlands collaborate to improve the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

  • pic

    Hybrid ablation: a team operation with better outcomes


    Maastricht-developed technique serious option for patients with persistent atrial fibrillation

  • Masoud Zamani Esteki receives KNAW Early Career Award


    Masoud Zamani Esteki received the KNAW early career award for his research on reproductive health.

  • Sabine van Rijt receives prestigious ERC Grant for her research on biomaterials


    Sabine van Rijt, principal investigator at Maastricht University’s MERLN Institute, has received a prestigious European grant of two million euros for her research project Nano4Bone. The ERC Consolidator Grant has a term of five years.

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