• In 2023, I want to…


    He is not into New Year’s Resolutions himself. If he wants to change something, he does it right away and does not wait for a certain moment. Yet, for us he dived into the why and how of good resolutions at the beginning of each year: Thomas Gültzow, assistant professor of social psychology (FPN). And even better, he gives tips to increase our chances of success with good resolutions.

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    UM and the political debate on internationalization


    Internationalization of education, and specifically the intake of international students, is a hot topic in Dutch politics. This will also be the case in early 2023. As the most international university in the country, UM follows developments closely and, in the interest of the university and the region, the institution continues to ask for tailor-made solutions in the event of any regulations limiting the intake of foreign students.

  • Thomas Cleij reappointed as Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering


    The Executive Board of Maastricht University has reappointed prof. dr. Thomas Cleij as Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Cleij will continue to lead the fast-growing faculty until March 2027.

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering launches science communication training, support and funding programme


    The aim of the Science Communication Incubator is to foster and support a group of researchers that bring science communication skills and knowledge into their teams. 

  • Mark Winands

    Machines that can improvise


    Computers are already capable of making independent decisions in familiar situations. But can they also apply knowledge to new facts? Mark Winands, the new professor of Machine Reasoning at the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences, develops computer programs that behave as rational agents.

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    Fewer laboratory animals needed for research on heart failure


    Research into the development of heart failure cannot yet be done without animal testing. Thanks to improved techniques, half as many animals are now needed to study the metabolism of heart cells in the development of heart failure.

  • Jessica 2

    “Migration is normal”


    Jessica Hagen-Zanker works for ODI, an international, independent think tank that conducts research and advises governments and NGOs on global issues such as migration. The Maastricht-trained senior research fellow notes that politicians tend to shy away from humane and practical solutions. "Migration is at an all-time high. We need to support migrants, and not just for humanitarian reasons. In Europe, we need people from outside to keep our economies going."

  • Mozambican NGOs trained in intervention mapping


    In 2022 Mundo implemented a project in which nine members of staff of Amodefa and Lambda, two Mozambican NGOs active in the field of sexual health and reproductive rights were trained in intervention mapping.  Their staff were trained by Prof. Rob Ruiter and Prof. Kai Jonas, both of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht. The training was funded by Nuffic in the framework of the Orange Knowledge Programme.

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  • GREL

    Global Real Estate Leaders Program


    The University of Maastricht (UM) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Real Estate have partnered to offer the pioneering Global Leaders Program in Real Estate.

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