Maastricht UMC+ in India



Maastricht UMC+ approach


Maastricht UMC+ has been active in India since 2008. When building partnerships, UMC+ seeks collaboration with renowned institutes as well as research topics that connect with the existing research profile of Maastricht UMC+. At this moment, there are about 25 active partnerships with various (academic, health sector, industrial) partners. Thus far, DBT, DEITY, ICSSR and NWO, ZonMw jointly granted several projects of Maastricht UMC+ and its Indian partners.


A flavour of currentĀ research projects

  • Development of next-generation corneal crosslinking with artificial intelligence and biomechanical modelling
  • Big Imaging data approach for Oncology in a Netherlands India Collaboration
  • Functional MRI Data Using Conditional Random Fields 
  • A multi-omics approach to identify biomarkers of clinically advanced retinoblastoma for diagnostics and therapeutic application.

Current activities in India led by Maastricht UMC+  

  • Monitoring partnerships
  • Guidance of PhD research projects
  • Identifying new projects
  • Exploring funding opportunities
  • Network management
  • Liaison activities