Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This FAQ offers the answers to the most frequently asked questions. The list will be updated continuously.

Update 16-11-2023

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General Information

Are the courses offered online or on campus?

The majority of our courses are offered on campus. When a specific course is taught online, it is indicated on the registration form.

Are the lessons offered in a hybrid format?

On campus lessons are only offered entirely in class. A hybrid format is not possible.

Will online lessons be recorded?

No, you can only attend the lessons real time.

Are the course exams online?

No, only in case of an online course the course exams are also online.

Is attendance required during your courses?

Yes, Language Centre courses do have an attendance requirement. You will receive more information about this during the first lesson. If you are unable to attend a meeting due to health reasons, please report this to your language teacher.

What platforms do the online courses use?

Most teachers are using ZOOM and Teams and make use of Google Classroom or the Canvas learning program.

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Course registration

How can I register?

You can register using the online registration form on the website If the form does not display correctly, please try again using Google Chrome as your browser.

Is there a registration deadline for the language courses?

There is no deadline as such. However, when we have received the maximum number of registrations, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list for the course. Therefore it is best not to wait too long. Most courses tend to fill up quickly.

When do the language courses start?

To check how many times per year a course starts, please read the ‘fast facts’ section for the language course of your choice. In our online registration form, you can view the dates and timeslots for the currently available courses. Please see the annual course schedule for more information.

The language course of my choice is not available (anymore) in the registration form.

If your course does not appear in the registration form, it is either not yet open for registration (you can check the annual course schedule here ) or the course has already been fully booked. In case of the latter, you can email us to see if someone has dropped out or if you want to be placed on the waiting list.

Can I switch levels after the start, if the course is too easy or difficult?

Usually not. Therefore, it is important to test your level before you register for a language course. You can find all relevant information regarding the intake procedure here:

I want to switch to a different timeslot.

This is only possible before the starting date and only if there are places left in the group of your choice. Available groups are in the registration form. You can send your request to and state your preferred course, level and day/time.

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Course information

Do I need to buy books for my course?

In the individual course description on the website, you can find the books required. One week before the start of your course, we will remind you about this via email. The costs for the books are not included in the course fee unless otherwise stated.

Where can I order my books?

You can buy the books at an online web shop or at the Bookshop Dominicanen (Dominicanerkerkstraat 1) in Maastricht.

Do I need a paper book or can I use an eBook instead?

When eBooks are available, it is mentioned on the website.

What language will my course be taught in?

We aim at all times to deliver our courses and materials in the target language (i.e. the language you want to learn). This helps you better connect with the language and increase your communicative competence. English is used at all times in English courses, while in other courses limited English or Dutch explanations can be given where necessary. For Arabic, Chinese, and Russian, the course material is also in English; this means you must have B1 knowledge of English if you want to take a language course at the Language Centre.

How many participants are in each group?

In general, a minimum of 8 participants is needed to start, and there is a maximum of 14. For specifics please check the individual course description.

On which location are the lessons?

The locations are in one of the city centre UM buildings. You will receive the precise location a week before the start of the course.

My university schedule overlaps with my language course.

If your UM timetable overlaps with your language class, send an email to We will do our best to put you in another time slot of the same course (provided there is more than one group and there are places available).

I will miss the first session. Can I join another course for just once?

Unfortunately, joining another class for just one meeting  is not possible. If you are taking a Dutch course, you can find your homework for the next class in the study guide. For other language courses, please contact your teacher about possible homework.

What is the deadline for the scholarship application?

Maastricht University (UM) now offers a limited amount of scholarships for an Advanced Dutch (B2 or C1minus), or a German & French (B2 or B2plus) language course. If you meet the requirements, and if you are selected for a scholarship, the course fee will be reimbursed within one month after completion of the course. There is no deadline as such but the number of scholarships is limited and we work on a first come, first serve base.

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Course cancellation

How can I cancel my registration?

You can only cancel in writing (via email, not via telephone), and we charge:

  • €30 if you cancel more than 30 days before the start date
  • 50% of the course fee if you cancel 7 to 30 days before the start date
  • 100% of the course fee if you cancel fewer than 7 days before the course start or drop out during the course.

If you are entitled to reimbursement after settling the fee mentioned above, we will transfer the amount to your bank account.

What if the Language Centre cancels my course?

We need a minimum number of participants for each course to go ahead. If too few people have registered, we may cancel the course. We will inform you about this by email at least a week before it is due to start and reimburse your course fee. Please note that it can take a few days to process the reimbursement of the fee, so it may not be visible on your bank account immediately.

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Intake procedure (how to check your level)

How do I know which level is best for me?

To determine your language proficiency and to make sure you sign up for the correct course, we advise you to do an intake test before signing up. You can find all information regarding the different language tests here:

Why do I need an intake interview? (for all advanced courses)

The aim of the intake interview is to determine your language level so that we can place you in an appropriate class. It involves you speaking with a tutor for 10 to 15 minutes about your experience with the language and your learning goals. You may also be asked to take a brief test. The interview is online and free of charge.

Is an intake interview compulsory? (for all advanced courses)

Yes, unless stated otherwise in the individual course description. However, you will not need an intake if you:

  • passed the previous level at the Language Centre less than one year ago. If it has been longer than one year, we advise you have an intake, especially if your knowledge has improved.
  • can provide a certificate from a course taken elsewhere to prove that you have the correct level.

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Fees and payment

How much do the courses cost?

The fee is different for each course. Please check the individual course descriptions. Language courses as part of your study program are funded by your faculty. Check directly with your Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

How do I pay the course fee?

You will receive a personal direct payment link when your registration has been processed.

When do I pay the course fee?

As soon as you receive the confirmation of actual registration, you have to pay the course fee. Your registration is only finalised when your course fee has been received within 3 working days.

Can I pay the course fee in instalments?

Unfortunately not. You must pay the full course fee at once.

My UM department/faculty is paying for my course. How can I register?

Please register using the online registration form and send an email afterward to stating that your department/faculty will pay for you. Arrange the approval yourself and provide us with the budget number and the name of the manager/budget holder.

My employer/authority is paying for my course. How can I register?

Please register using the online registration form and send an email afterward to stating that your employer will pay for you. Make sure to mention the name and job title of your supervisor and the necessary invoice requirements. Our financial department will then send an invoice to your employer.

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Can the Language Centre help me to get a visa?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a visa when taking a language course. We do not offer long-term intensive courses and as such, are not entitled (i.e. we are not authorized by the immigration authorities) to issue letters of invitation or to assist in any other way to obtain a visa for the Netherlands.

Do you also offer IELTS courses?

At the moment we do not offer IELTS group courses. We do offer individual coaching to prepare you for the IELTS exam. Please note that the IELTS exam can only be taken with an official IELTS examination centre (which the UM Language Centre is not). For more information regarding individual coaching, please have a look at this webpage:


How will I know if I passed the course?

You will receive a certificate via email after the course has finished and all grades have been processed. This might take a few weeks. In case you do not pass the course, your teacher will inform you.

Will the ECTS appear on my degree transcript?

As all UM faculties/schools have their own policy, you will need to address the examination board of your faculty (or home university, in the case of exchange students).

I want to learn Dutch as part of the ‘inburgeringstraject’/I have a DUO loan.

We are no longer accepting civic integration participants (Inburgeraars). For more information on civic integration please consult the website of your municipality. If you live in Maastricht, you can find more details here: Sociale Zaken - Maastricht Heuvelland

Do you also offer private lessons?

Yes, we can also offer (online) individual coaching or tailor-made (group) courses (e.g. for companies) tailored to your wishes. For more (contact) details, please have a look at the information here:

I need proof of my language proficiency (e.g. for study abroad)

It is possible to have your language proficiency tested in several different languages. For more detailed information, the costs and to make an appointment, please look here:

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Contact details

Please send us an e-mail if you cannot find the answer to your question in the above mentioned frequently asked questions:   

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