Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

08 Dec

"Together We Stand: The Impact of Gender Equality in the Workplace on Employees and Firms in the Netherlands"

Raf de Bont

Is an elephant in Artis Zoo just as “wild” as an elephant on the African savannah?

14 Sep

"How many Single Rulebooks? The EU’s post-crisis policy objective to create a Single Rulebook for investment management"

Global Studies Graduation Gaia Gazzara and VIncent Tadday
Students Students going the extra mile

Putting things into perspectives

The trailblazing cohort of the Global Studies bachelor programme has graduated.


Twee wetenschappers van Universiteit Maastricht (UM), Keri Vos en Iskander de Bruycker, krijgen een V

Marjolein van Asselt

For science does not happen only through the university, Marjolein van Asselt, outgoing professor of Risk

04 Jul

"Archives of Change-An Art Conservation Studies Approach to Innovating Classical Music"

20 Jun

"Stayer Youth Shaping Their Transnational Family Lives: Experiences and aspiration of migrants’children living in Ghana"


30 Jun

"Institutional leadership during tough times:
Explaining the Responses of International Economic Organizations to Challenges

15 May

"Contestation-Legitimation Processes in Global Climate Governance – International Organizations and the Guiding Norm of Climate Change Action"