• 21 Mar 14:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Mr drs. Selwyn van Rijn

    “Implications of surgical and endoscopic interventions in the upper GI tract (with focus on management of GERD and Weight Control)”

  •   2223 Mar 09:00
    - 17:00

    10th Joint Seminar ‘The Future of Law and Economics'

    The title of the seminar refers 'The Future of Law and Economics', symbolizing the fact that the PhD candidates constitute the future of law and economics and realizing that much of the research they undertake is in fact path-breaking and innovative.

  • 22 Mar 14:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Ms Adriana E.M. Brabers, MSc.

    “Patient involvement and medical practice variation; can patients be ignored in theories about practice variation?”

  • 22 Mar 16:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Mr Kürşat Altinbaş, MD.

    “Reconstructing the diagnostic framework of bipolarity”

  • 23 Mar 10:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Mr drs. Robert T.A. Willemsen

    “Assessing chest pain in primary care”

  • 23 Mar 12:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Ms drs. Andrea J.R. Balthasar

    “Eyes of the needle; spectral tissue sensing, an innovative technology for detecting various tissue types during percutaneous needle-based procedures in locoregional anesthesia and pain medicine”

  • 23 Mar 14:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Ms Vivian E.J. Brüls, MSc.

    “Towards a preventive strategy for complaints of the arm, neck and/or shoulder: prevalence, course and help seeking behaviour”

  • 26 Mar 13:00
    - 14:30

    Lezingenreeks "Recht in Crisis"

    De sectie Rechtswetenschappen van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen (KNAW) organiseert in het kader van de lezingenreeks “Recht in Crisis” de lezing “Financieel recht in crisis?” door Prof.Mr. Danny Busch, hoogleraar Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen en de lezing “Het ondernemingsrecht in (de) crisis” door Mr. M.J. Kroeze, lid Hoge Raad der Nederlanden.

  • 26 Mar 17:30
    - 19:00
    Academic session

    GROW Pizzameeting

  • 29 Mar 12:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Ms Walmari Pilz

    “Shedding light on oropharyngeal dysphagia in myotonic dystrophy type 1”

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