Bianca Moldovan, MA European Studies

Bianca is from Romania and has a bachelor’s degree in International Business & Economics from the University of Bucharest.

“During my bachelor’s exchange semester I attended courses in political science and developed an interest in international relations and the political angle of economics. I researched master’s programmes abroad that suited my interests, eager to broaden my horizon. This programme was ranked very highly and Maastricht University is one of the most international universities in Europe. Still, it’s fairly small in size and now that I’m actually living here, I find it easy to connect to people because there is this sense of community.

The programme focuses on the role of the European Union in the global arena, foreign policies, how global challenges affect the EU and vice versa. At the same time, it is also about the collaboration between the member states. I am most interested in political economy, also in relation to other main economies and I am inspired by the dynamics of the global economic system. My ambition is to work for an international organisation or a European institute, focusing on trade policies.”

Bianca Moldovan
October 2020

Bianca was Student ambassador of the MA European Studies during academic year 2020-2021
 Watch her ambassador video