30 March 2017

08.45    Registration                                                                     

09.00    Welcome and introduction by Cosimo Monda, Director of the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC), Maastricht University

Session: Introduction and overview

Cybersecurity landscape and background, cloud-specific threats
Daniele Cattedu, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Security Alliance   

10.45    Coffee / tea break    

Overview of cloud computing and service models, virtualisation and other cloud technologies
Brian Honan, Director, BH Consulting, Dublin

12.30    Lunch break    

Session: Analysing, negotiating and managing cloud computing contracts

Contractual issues related to cloud services 
Paolo Balboni, Partner at ICT Legal Consulting & President of the European Privacy Association

Analysis of particularly relevant clauses
Paolo Balboni    

15.30    Coffee / tea break

Workshop on negotiation and management of cloud computing contracts

17.00    End of day    

31 March 2017 

Session: Moving securely to the cloud: The risks when engaging cloud computing service providers - Risk assessment and management

Securing the Cloud: Encryption, identity and access management, selecting and engaging a cloud service provider 
Brian Honan

10.45    Coffee / tea break

Business continuity, incident response and the cloud 
Brian Honan    

12.30    Lunch break    

Session: Moving in compliance with privacy rules    

Managing personal data protection compliance: Presenting the Privacy Level Agreements (PLA) for cloud service providers
Paolo Balboni    

Workshop: Using Privacy Level Agreements    

17.00    Evaluation and closing of the training course

Join us in Brussels and get your do’s and don’ts guidance from experienced and recognised practicioners.


On completion of the training, all participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Please note that this course can be used as an 'elective course' in the Professional University Diploma track. Click here for more details.