5 Sep 2016

Opening academic year 2016/17

The academic year 2016/17 was opened on Monday 5 September 2016. The theme of the opening ceremony (and the title of the new Strategic Programme 2017-2021) was: 'Community at the CORE'. CORE stands for Collaborative Open Research Education and is a logical extension of the interdisciplinary approach that lies at the heart of education and research at Maastricht University.

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About the opening of the academic year

We traditionally celebrate the official opening of the academic year on one of its first days, sometime in late August or early September. The day will generally have a theme on which the morning and afternoon programmes are based. This is followed by an academic session featuring the official opening late in the afternoon, attended by many of the university's professors in full regalia.

The president of the Executive Board gives a speech, followed by a guest speaker who picks up the same theme. Finally, two prizes are awarded: the Edmond Hustinx Award for Science for promising young researchers and the UM Student Prize awarded to either a Maastricht University (UM) student complementing their studies with a remarkable social or cultural achievement, or a UM student organisation that has distinguished itself in the societal or cultural realm. The day ends with a drinks party.

Previous OAY celebrations