•   112 May Jun 14:00

    Expert Lectures on International Trade Law

    The joint GlawNet and IGIR ‘Expert Lectures on International Trade Law’ aims at giving students, Ph.D. candidates, and Faculty members the opportunity to discuss the most current topics of international trade law with experts on the field from various universities and institutions from abroad.


  •   1530 May Jun 09:00
    - 23:59
    Highlight, Information activity

    Grow, make a difference and live for free!

    In Match Huizen you make a real contribution to the neighbourhood and you don't pay rent! Make a contribution to the neighbourhood where you live. Grow, learn and develop your social skills.

  •   303 May Jun 09:00
    - 17:00

    Ph.D / Postdoc course Advanced Optical Microscopy 2022

    The aim of this one-week course is to introduce, discuss, and experience the technologies and applications of various advanced optical microscopic techniques. Also, tissue and cell preparation protocols and immune-cytochemical procedures will be discussed. Finally, vital imaging and quantification of molecular processes in the cell will be explained and demonstrated.

  • 30 May 10:00
    PhD Defence

    Online PhD conferral Federico Ferretti

    "“Do-It-Yourself Science and the Transformations in Science” in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission"

  • 30 May 13:00
    PhD Defence

    On-Site PhD conferral Sarah Anschütz

    "Young lives on the move; The mobility trajectories and transnational affective engagements of Ghanaianbackground youth living in Belgium"

  • 30 May 18:30
    - 20:30
    Highlight, Information activity

    Ukrainian Culture and Language - Seminar

    An interactive workshop for people assisting Ukrainian refugees where you will learn more about their culture and language, enabling you to communicate with them more effectively.

  • 31 May 10:00
    PhD Defence

    Online PhD conferral Majdi Mohammed Sabahelzain Dafallah

    "VACCINE HESITANCY IN SUDAN; Assessment of determinants of parental vaccine hesitancy and its impact on the uptake of measles vaccine among children in Sudan"

  • 31 May 16:00
    PhD Defence

    Online PhD conferral Víctor Pablo Galván Chacón

    "Engineering Micro for Repairing Macro: A Materials-Driven Quest for Bone Regeneration"

  • 31 May 19:00
    alumni meeting

    Alumni get-together at Hasselt University

    Would you like to connect with fellow alumni and gain new knowledge on the history of Hasselt University?

  • 1 Jun 08:30
    - 17:00
    Highlight, symposium

    Hybrid Annual NUTRIM Symposium 2022

    The theme of this year’s NUTRIM symposium is ‘safe today, safer tomorrow’. In this symposium, we will highlight current advances in knowledge that have the potential of making a safer future.

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