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  • refugees_skala_sykamias_lesvos_greece

    Extraterritorial human rights obligations to protect refugees

    17 September 2015
    It took quite a while before the European countries realized and recognized that the influx from asylum-seekers via the Mediterranean Sea and Turkey into the European Union is not just a matter of controlling the outside borders of the Union, but also a humanitarian and human rights issue. Some European member states, such as Hungary, blocked borders to prevent asylum-seekers from entering. The government of Denmark has advertised in newspapers in Lebanon to discourage refugees from Syria to come to Denmark.
  • Maastricht Centre for Human Rights

    Bulgaria’s zero refugee integration policy and beyond

    17 September 2015
    Vankova in Law
    I am sure you have heard that the Bulgarian government built a fence on the Bulgarian – Turkish border and that the ‘refugee crisis’ put the national asylum system to the test. What about the Bulgarian integration policies? Did you know that currently refugees in Bulgaria face ‘zero’ integration support for a second year in a row due to an institutional ‘Ping-Pong’?
  • south_lebanon_refugee

    A Refugee Law Clinic in Maastricht

    16 September 2015
    After months of news about asylum seekers dying in the Mediterranean Sea, weeks of steadily increasing influx of people from the eastern borders of the EU, and witnessing the temporary exit of Germany from the Schengen agreement last weekend, the Maastricht University Faculty of Law has announced the Law Refugee Week.
  • a_pile_of_children_shoes_captured_during_refugees_crisis

    Migration, natural disasters and liability

    16 September 2015
    Refugee crisis and migration may obviously have a lot of different sources. The current refugee crisis in Europe is obviously strongly related to the war in Syria. However, quite often migration and hence a stream of refugees, can also be caused by natural disasters, even by climate change. Some even claim that climate change may lead to huge migration and hence to many environmental refugees.
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