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  • a_pile_of_children_shoes_captured_during_refugees_crisis

    Migration, natural disasters and liability

    16 September 2015
    Refugee crisis and migration may obviously have a lot of different sources. The current refugee crisis in Europe is obviously strongly related to the war in Syria. However, quite often migration and hence a stream of refugees, can also be caused by natural disasters, even by climate change. Some even claim that climate change may lead to huge migration and hence to many environmental refugees.
  • Huamn rights for children

    Give refugee children the Big Five

    15 September 2015
    We are getting better and better at knowing how to help traumatized children. And how we can prevent childhood trauma. That knowledge is of great importance for refugee children, and not only for them. It would prove very helpful to all children if the gap between what we know and what we do in relation to treatment and prevention were narrowed. First of all, we all need to be familiar with the Big Five of developmental emotional needs of children. And subsequently, we need to be prepared to substantially invest in it. Not only for humanitarian reasons but also...
  • Bulgaria’s zero refugee integration policy and beyond

    (T)here and Back Again: the EU approach towards asylum seekers

    15 September 2015
    Duo blog by Dersim Yabasun and Alexander Hoogenboom At the outset of this blog there is reason to underline the value of an effective asylum policy. There is a tendency in some populist media, as well as among some populist politicians, to depict and cast the current humanitarian crisis as largely an abuse of the ‘asylum route’ for regular economic migration, [1] or as a ‘Muslim invasion of Europe’, [2] or even directly as a security threat as ISIS fighters are ‘shaving beards to sneak into the EU as migrants’. [3] These commentators invariably propose, as a...
  • Bulgaria’s zero refugee integration policy and beyond

    It has to be different?!

    14 September 2015
    On 8 September 2015 State Secretary for Justice and Security Klaas Dijkhoff announced that from now on only refugees who have applied for asylum in a safe place outside the EU would be accepted in the Netherlands. The government wants to put an end to asylum-seekers placing their fate in the hands of human traffickers. The State Secretary says that drowning, suffocation and human trafficking must be stopped for good.
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