Polymer physics and technology

The Polymer physics and technology research line bridges polymer chemistry with polymer physics addressing molecular and physical characteristics of the synthesised polymers including structure development at the quiescent and defined flow conditions. The group also addresses the mechanical response of the structure developed at the molecular and morphological levels, and attempts are made to bridge the concepts with the industrial processes. For the characterisation and following the structure development, advanced experimental tools are employed and desired equipment are build in-house.


  • The synthesis of renewable and biodegradable polymers, the development of additives for enhanced processing and crystallisation, and the development and recycling of high performance thermoplastic blends
  • Molecular, structure and scaffold design of biomedical polymers for 3D printing and fiber spinning in regenerative tissue engineering and investigating polymer architecture on mechanical durability
  • Water actuated structural refinement and enzymatic biodegradability of polycondensates
  • Development of Commercially viable polymerisation routes for the ultra-high molar masses; non-equilibrium polymer melts and high performance polymers
  • Developing molecular length scale models to understand rheological response of polymer melts in the equilibrium and non-equilibrium melt state in defined flow conditions
  • Routes to overcome wetting process in composites with the aim to develop novel lightweight high performance composites


  • BBM1003 Principles of Materials Science, Master Biobased Materials
  • BBM1004 Plant Derived Materials and Building Blocks (guest lecturer), Master Biobased Materials
  • BBM1012 Nano-Science and Nano-Technology, Master Biobased Materials
  • BBM1008 Applied Materials Science and Engineering, Master Biobased Materials
  • BBM1015 Biopolymers (guest lecturer), Master Biobased Materials
  • BBM5000 Master Thesis supervision, Master Biobased Materials
  • CEN2022 Biobased Materials (guest lecturer), Bachelor Circular Engineering
  • INT3005 Biobased Materials & Technology (guest lecturer), Bachelor Maastricht Science Programme
  • Academic Advising Bachelor Maastricht Science Programme
  • Supervision of Bachelor thesis projects, Bachelor Maastricht Science Programme
  • Chair Board of Examiners