Organic chemistry of biobased building blocks

We do fundamental research in organic chemistry using molecules and material that nature provides, the biobased building blocks. Our overall mission is to deliver clean, atom-and step-efficient one-pot syntheses for sustainable production of molecular diverse and structurally complex organic molecules tailored towards higher added-value in materials, medicines and catalysts.


To allow the synthesis of molecules with supreme complexity and with a plethora of specific functions, nature has evolved its synthetic tools over billions of years with high levels of efficiency and elegance. Our research is inspired by nature’s approach but takes a next step finding efficient synthetic methodologies and strategies that out-perform processes in biology while taking advantage from the broad range of functionalities available in biobased building blocks.

To achieve our mission we focus on cascade syntheses, sustainable catalysis and multicomponent reactions. The robust cascade sequences are based on in-house MCRs using diversity and biology oriented design strategies. Rapid complexity generation and advanced scaffold diversification are combined with sustainable catalysis addressing selectivity, efficiency and potential scale-up.

This is elaborated in the following research lines:

  • Design, develop, and explore one-pot cascade syntheses based on state-of-the art multicomponent reaction chemistry using bio-based building blocks as feedstock
  • Develop chemo-, regio- and stereoselective procedures using sustainable resource efficient base-metal-, organo- or bio-catalytic systems
  • Employ biobased isocyanides as versatile C1-building building blocks in cross-coupling chemistry
  • Develop a biomimetic templated N-to-C synthesis of peptides and proteins



  • BBM1004 Plant Derived Materials and Building Blocks, Master Biobased Materials
  • BBM1010 Bio-Organic Chemistry, Master Biobased Materials
  • BBM1015 Biopolymers (guest lecturer), Master Biobased Materials
  • BBM5000 Master Thesis supervision, Master Biobased Materials
  • MIE1010 Molecular Engineering for Imaging, Master Imaging Engineering
  • CEN2001 Organic Chemistry, Bachelor Circular Engineering
  • SKI2107 Organic Chemistry Skills, Bachelor Circular Engineering
  • CHE2001 Organic Chemistry, Bachelor Maastricht Science Programme
  • BENS2002 Laboratory and Research Skills, Bachelor Business Engineering
  • Supervision of Bachelor thesis projects, Bachelor Maastricht Science Programme