Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

29 Jun

"Just in Time
Applying behavioral science to create a safe university environment in times of the COVID-19 pandemic"

23 Jun

"Mental imagery and mood instability in bipolar disorder" 

15 Jun

"Bodies, features and visual awareness. Behavioral, physiological and neural correlates of body expression perception"

28 Jun

"Challenges and Potential of 7T (f)MRI for Investigating Attention and Perception"

14 Jun

"Explaining Risky driving behaviour among the young motor riders in Manipal, Karnataka, India: A psychosocial study on objectives for educational interventions"

08 Jun
  • inaugural lectures & valedictory lectures

Valedictory lecture Prof. dr. Fred R.A. Zijlstra

"Met het oog op de toekomst…..!"
- De waarde van goed werk -

02 May

"The Efficient Cause of Science: Computational Methods for Mapping the Visual Cortex

Elia Formisano - 16-03-2023
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Chirp = Bird | Elia Formisano

Elia Formisano, professor of Neural Signal Analysis at the Faculty of P

Onderzoek van Rosalie Mourmans is genomineerd voor Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs 2023.

Do vegetables taste better if you get to choose?

UM professor concerned about idea that you can be healthy at any weight