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  • Blog about Don-Quixote en Pepe the frog - copyright

    The deaths of Don Quixote and Pepe the Frog: copyright-wise

    11 December 2018
    Lin in Law
    Authors may sentence fictional characters to death to counter unwanted transformation of their characters. The authorship that copyright vests in authors grants them indisputable authority over their creations, so that their characters do not die from users’ transformation.
  • human-rights blog Lea Raible_MLR

    Let’s not talk about universality

    10 December 2018
    Lea Raible in Law
    Seventy years to the day have passed since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. International human rights have since gained ground in theory, discourse, and practice. In this short post, I argue that for human rights to regain some of their traction, we should take care not to use claims to universality in order to avoid substantive moral and legal debates.
  • Palestina blog Jure Vidmar about statehood

    Palestine v US: why the ICJ does not need to decide whether Palestine is a state

    6 December 2018
    This post will focus on the Article 34(1) ICJ Statute requirement that ‘[o]nly states may be parties in cases before the Court’.
  • Geographical Indications: Linking Products To Their Geographical Origin

    Geographical Indications: linking products to their geographical origin

    6 December 2018
    IGIR in Law
    Geographical Indications (also known as GIs) are signs used to safeguard the link between a product and its place of origin. In order for a product to be protected as a GI, the exact production methods and environmental factors need to be documented. It is easy to imagine that traditional products would benefit from this protection. But does GI protection also contribute to innovation in the product, the process of production or its marketing?
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