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  • Linnea van Griethuijssen

    Warming up to PBL

    17 April 2020
    I teach the introduction to biology course, which is probably one of the first courses that you will take at the MSP. I also coordinate the practical courses, so the first time that you go to the lab, you will encounter me as well. I’m one of the first faces you will see here, and I want you to feel at home and be inspired from the very beginning of your studies.
  • Christopher Pawley

    Putting students in the driver’s seat

    17 April 2020
    For me, Problem-Based Learning is about democratising the classroom. It is about realising that everyone has something of value to add (not only the teacher) and that everyone in the room can bring something to the discussion. It is a very productive way to solve problems and to move forward.
  • It is really amazing to see the things that students have done together

    1 July 2019
    When you look at the amount of choice that students have at the Maastricht Science Programme to build their own curriculum, coupled with the advising and the academic resources, the potential is limitless. It is a bit daring to give that high degree of freedom to students. But the students here really make the most of it.
  • Almost every day here, there are students that make me go ‘WOW’

    1 July 2019
    I have worked with many different kinds of students- economics students, law students, American exchange students- and I think the MSP students are quite special. I have a feeling that the students we have at the MSP are the type of people who are not interested in making it big in the world, but want to change the world.
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